Red Square


The Truth Is Out There


When we face something strange and unusual we may easily be deceived.

Every day — from TV screens and in newspapers — we are convinced that mystical powers which cannot be explained scientifically do exist. We constantly hear about extremely powerful psychics, second-sighted people, witches by birth, shamans, sectaries, miraculous healings, scary curses, bedeviling, evil-eye and also about myrrh-streaming icons, ghosts, almost magic potions… Very often such stories occur to be bluff or even worse than that — mere quackery, obvious deception. However there is no smoke without fire and it is difficult to argue with the fact that many phenomena really cannot be explained scientifically.

Our society has divided into two equal and irreconcilable parts: some unconditionally believe in “mystical powers”, others blankly deny their existence. We will take up the position of an impersonal researcher.

Every day Aleksey Lysenkov’s group of journalists start on a next journey across Russia and abroad, in order to face new inexplicable and sometimes scary facts, any extraordinary things that baffle official science. Our program’s task is to make a serious and objective research. We must make a level-headed and independent evaluation of people whose capabilities are like gifts from above, and of mysterious events in which it is hard to believe. We do not advertise, judge or debunk, we just try to learn the truth. If the truth is out there we must find it.

The program format is a special journalistic story, journalistic research.