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The Voice. Off Screen


The new season of the contest “The Voice” will start almost at the same time as the new documentary series “Voice. Off Screen”, which will come along with the music program starting with preliminary castings and up to the finals. The exclusive backstage content and the most interesting moments of the contest which have not been shown will help to feel unspeakable atmosphere of the program that became the most popular in Russia last year!

More than 10 thousand people applied for participation in “The Voice-2”. After the primary selection slightly more than 1 thousand vocalists took part in casting, they were from all Russian regions and also from Italy, Latvia, Maldives, the USA, Israel, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, the Ukraine and Belarus. In the end the committee selected 150 people for special “blind auditions”.

Rehearsals, emotional stress before going onstage, wishes from relatives and friends, tears of those who were not lucky enough and joy of those who managed to go further… And then choosing new musical content, more rehearsals but already with tutors, elimination music battles… Contestants’ relations with their tutors and rivals, their creative growth along the show, preparations for new performances… And finally already famous “The Voice” live concerts during which the audience is to decide by direct voting who should leave and who should stay… Nothing can be hidden from the “The Voice. Off Screen” shooting team!