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Three Accords


The First Channel presents a new weekly project "Three Accords", covering the whole variety of national music genres, not bound by any limits of pop-, rock- or classics, but being widely popular at the same time.

Separate series of the show will be devoted to urban romance, art songs, cinema hits, creation of Russian emigration of the XX-th century, etc. Among the participants are Dmitriy Kharatiyan, Vladimir Kristovskiy, Andrey Davidiyan, Mikhail Bublik, Alena Apina, Irina Dubtsova, Anastasiya Spiridonova, etc.

"Three Accords" are thematic concerts, where performers present their own interpretations of famous hits for the audience judgment. However, there is a competition among the participants. There is also a jury including reputable masters of the Russian music. The jury will evaluate every performance, and the evaluations will be summed up from one series to another, so that the winner of the whole project could be defined at the end.

The host is Maxim Averin.