Red Square


We Are Still Young At Heart!


“Red Square” in association with Channel One presents guided tours to the past of our country with experienced and fascinating guides — Leonid Parfenov and Tatyana Arno. “We Are Still Young At Heart!” is not a narration but a total immersion in that time, “tactile contact” which gives an opportunity to feel that atmosphere and meet those events all over again.

The first tour is to the year 1972.

Especially for the project there was built a life-like town yard of the beginning of the 70-s, that was filled with attributes and livened up by personalities of the previous times. Unlike “Recently” the new program does not use journalistic methods and documentary chronicle to recall the past but reconstructs it anew. In addition to this creators do not pretend that viewers go back in time for almost 40 years. It is more like they open a gate from 2010 to 1972, thus letting the audience see those events but with the benefit of hindsight.

“There is a huge demand for “the past” in our country. We don’t separate ourselves from it yet and still get from “the past” something valuable for us today. The program “We Are Still Young At Heart!” gives an opportunity to live through “the past” again, but differently. Furthermore we don’t take the past in stock, we turn it into some inversion of today that confronts past time and present”. (L. Parfenov)