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Yesterday Live


Sketch-comedy “Yesterday Live” destroys clichés and stereotypes familiar to today audience. The objects of derision are now various TV genres covering local and international news, cinema, social activities, sports and so on.

Scripts for “Yesterday Live” are worked out by the same scriptwriters who wrote for “Projectorparishilton” and “Animated Characters”.

“Yesterday Live” is a mocking comic show that has been broadcasted on Channel One since September 12, 2010. Its creators confessed that they had taken American show “Saturday Night Live” as an example. English title of the program is translated as “Yesterday Live”.

The most frequent phrase uttered by the host Victor Vasilyev is “Watch us or as you wish”. The motto of news edition is “We get the news at last hand!”. The music jingle coming along with appearance of the title in mini-bumper consists of fragments from two songs — “Yesterday” by “The Beatles” and “Live Is Life” by the Austrian group “Opús”.

As creators of “Yesterday Live” see it a paradox in such turn of phrase should prepare the audience well because everything in this program, that in itself is a mockery of today television, has a tinge of absurdity and light insanity — all comic sketches, satirical and mocking spots, witty jokes about hot news, alternative music performances and also decorations and participants of the show “Yesterday Live”.

Especially for the new show there was a complicated stage construction designed that consists of several compartments arranged in-line. Each of them is a decoration for actors of “Yesterday Live”. Thanks to this gimmick the scenes follow each other nonstop without losing dynamics.

The first season format highly differs from those of the next seasons starting from the second one. There was a rubrication in the first episodes of the show, each rubric had its own presenter, and between them there were comic commercial reels and music intermissions featuring invited musicians.

After the first season it was decided to completely change the program format.

The only remained rubric was “News Edition” (the rubric “Narrow Falk Tales” also kept being shown in some episodes of the second season), the rest were canceled. They were replaced with mocking of TV-programs, movies, important events and social phenomena. Some actors left the show after the first season (Kolchin, Privalov, Oleshko), new ones came to replace them. New rubrics appeared such as “video”, “musical”, “trailer”, “backstage”, “local news”, “from WikiLeaks”, etc. An invited celebrity takes part in each episode of “Yesterday Live”.