Red Square




Project developed by Konstantin Ernst and Igor Tolstunov, a criminal drama based on Vladimir ”Adolfych“ Nesterenko's book of the same name about gangsterism in Kiev in early 90-s.

This movie directed by Anton Bormatov is not your typical story about gangster 90-s, since its main character is a woman. The plot includes shootings, gangster confrontations and a story of a woman's destiny and her pursuit of happiness. It's no coincidence the movie has such a name: the ”Alien“, the main character, is ruthless and cold-blooded beyond the bounds, just like the creature in Ridley Scott's ”Alien“.

”The most interesting fact about the movie is not that it's remarkably well-made (good screenplay, competent direction, great photography, outstanding acting), but the fact that all the creators, from scriptwriter Vladimir ”Adolfych“ Nesterenko to the producers, can understand and relate to the story and, more importantly, the main character's nature“, - says M. Lesko in his review for ”Novy Vzglyad“ publishing house.

Konstantin Ernst was involved in the production of several episodes of the movie as a director.