Red Square


Fort Boyard


"Fort Boyard" is a popular TV-show, well-known to each viewer adventure, which is set in France, in the Bay of Biscay, off the coast of Charente Maritime, in the same fort. First time the program was shown on the French television channel Antenne 2 in summer 1990. In summer 2012 production-company "Red Square" filmed 10 shows with the participation of Russian celebrities. The premiere took place on February 16, 2013 on the Channel Onel.Being filmed in the fortress of the mid-19th century, located off the coast of France between the islands of Aix and Oleron, "Fort Boyard" represents a game show in which team members must undergo a variety of physical and mental tests, winning the keys and hints to get the Treasures of the Fort.

According to the legend, during 200 years evil sorcerer Fura by means of deception and witchcraft was robbing people and hiding their money in the old Fort. Twenty years ago, people have managed to put a spell on him and get their money back. But the cunning Fura managed to hide the keys of the treasury in different rooms with traps. Now only a very brave man can get to the money.

In the new season of the game, we will again see the unchanged inhabitants of the Fort. Colorful character La Boule appeared in the Fort in 1994 and already 19 years measures the beginning and end of the game, striking a shattering gong and convoying the captured players to their place of confinement. Paspartu has been always staying with the teams even since 1990 (i.e. for 23 years!). He knows every nook of the Fort and easily manages with the profession of conductor. The tiger tamer Felindra with her ferocious predators, has been guarding the treasure of the fort since 1991.