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Hole in the Wall


The most popular project in the world - This is the freshest and the most unusual product on the international entertainment TV, - says the Wall producer, Channel One Deputy CEO for special projects Alexander Tsekalo.

- In the future TV market the Wall will be one of the most saleable licences. The project is unusual because to participate one doesn’t have to be able to do anything, and it brings happiness both to the winner and to the loser. It’s a secret well-known since the times of silent cinema: any falls, tumbling into a puddle, cake throwing into a face, stepping of a broom, which pounces with its handle upon all entering people and other absurdities, cause an incredible joy to the viewers. A childish unexplainable joy. Together with that, the Wall does not have any disrespect towards the participants of ‘just look how clumsy they are’ type of thing. The players feel great because they all have fun and go crazy; and the viewers also enjoy it because they can see how celebrities have fun and go crazy when they are away from work.

How to play the Wall?

Oh yes, it is celebrities who will repeat the heroic deed of Vanechka from the movie The Magicians. Two teams, three persons in each. The show consists of three rounds. In the first round one player on one occasion only must go through a silhouette in the wall. In the second round two players at the same time have to go through two walls. In the third round the whole team goes through three silhouettes three times. The losing team has the right to even the score. The team that does not have enough points may order a death-defying number, and the wall will move onto them (and it is moving but not standing still!) twice as fast. If the trick is successful, the team will get twice as much points.

The Wall is presented by two well-known showmen - Ivan Urgant and Alexander Tsekalo