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Intervilles (10 seasons)


"Intervilles" is the world famous TV project, which is a real international contest with the elements of extreme. Its filming was made in France and Greece, and altogether on television were shown as much as 9 seasons.The premiere of the game "Intervilles" was held in France in 1962. The idea of a fun competition between the countries belongs to the former President of France Charles de Gaulle. This way he wanted to unite the youth of Europe and strengthen the friendship between the two countries.

Russia first time took part in the game in 2005. Traditionally, the competition took place in France.In this TV-season six countries came together in a competition under the hot Athenian sky to determine the victor: Russia, China, Spain, France, Kazakhstan and Greece!Participants of the contest have to go through hard tests. To win you need not only physical fitness, endurance, strength of mind, but also a good share of luck. The maneuvers with the bull are not for the faint of heart people. Weight of one suit can exceed 40 kg! And in it participants should run the speed race with irregularity.

In "Intervilles" the team should pass through six major competitions in each game: the physical endurance contests, contests with the bulls and the final contest named "Hills".The Russian TV has already broadcasted ten seasons of the show, and beginning with the third season, each had his own name – "The New Battle," "Return of the Champions", "Olympic season" "Old Guard", "Brotherhood of the Rings», and «The Battle of the Continents».