Red Square


Operacion Triunfo (9 seasons)


To the judgement of the viewers Red Square together with Channel One have presented a summer music sparring marathon where the Russian team met their vis-à-vis from the Ukraine in a spectacular competition. Five on five. And let the strongest win!

The teams are:

Russia: Dmitriy Koldun, Polina Gagarina, Vlad Sokolovskiy, Dominik Joker and Victoria Daineko
Ukraine: DiO films, Max Barskikh, Erika, Eva Bushmina and Stas Shurins The coaching staff of the Russian team: Igor Krutoi and Igor Matvienko; that of the Ukrainian team — Constantine Meladze and Natalya Mogilevskaya. The judicial body: Yuri Nikitin, Viktor Drobysh, Lolita and others.