Red Square


The Cube (2 seasons)


Red Square in collaboration with Channel One presents a première of a television game The Moment of Truth where participants truthfully answer difficult and sometimes unflattering questions on random topics, including those related to their personal lives. The only way to win and to become a millionaire is to answer 21 questions of the game and to confirm the honesty of the answers on a real Polygraph Detector.

Creators of The Moment of Truth promise a great deal of surprises which will happen during the quiz. The first and one of the main ones is the project host Andrei Malakhov who will appear before the TV viewers in a completely new image.

The game consists of several rounds with gradual increase of complexity. The participant does not have a right to refuse to answer the question; otherwise the money they win by a particular time burns out. Once in a game the relatives who come to support the participant have an opportunity to replace one question with another.