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Russian Inventor (3 seasons)


The programme presents most interesting and bright inventions of Russian can-do men.

The main objective of the show is to find and select very original and, most importantly, functional achievements of contemporary Russian inventors. All selected inventions pass through a three-level casting whose brightest moments will be shown to TV viewers.

In eleven episodes the panel of judges has assessed the unconventionality and functionality of such inventions as self-heating packaging, sound matrix, infrared thermometer, alternative mammograph, electric airmobile, singing laser, double-sided drill and many other things. In each programme three participants present their inventions to the assessment by the panel of judges. Each invention is evaluated based on a ten-point system.

Participants who got the most points went to the final where they were to fight for the grand prize - a grant from the Government of Moscow and the Cup of TV Centr channel.

The panel of judges of the show includes Russian music, TV and film stars Anton Makarskiy, Sergei Galanin, Mikhail Marfin, Alexander Porokhovshchikov, Alexander Pushnoi, Sergei Lukyanenko, Elena Malysheva, Egor Konchalovskiy, Olga Shelest, Tina Kandelaki and many others.