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Stars On Stage


Stars On Stage is a show where everyone sings, even those whom it is difficult to imagine on a big stage with a microphone in their hands and with an orchestra in the pit.

Stars On Stage has nothing but live sound, improvisations and unexpected duets.

Stars On Stage is a musical show where celebrities learn to sing from celebrities. The project participants are twelve nationwide favourite singing actors and twelve celebrities who haven’t sung on a professional stage so far. The contestants work in pairs on “a professional and a dilettante” basis.

Stars On Stage is a fascinating vocal contest. This show does not have backing sound tracks or prepared jokes. It’s all about improvisations.

The rules remain the same in the new season: acclaimed and favourite stars take the non-singing celebrities in their hands. Every week the pair scoring fewer points leaves the show. Judges and the audience in the studio vote for the best duet with the help of special consoles.