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The Voice Kids (2 seasons)


The Voice Kids is principally different from traditional vocal competitions and shows for searching musical talents. We have found the best child voices of the country. Remarkable vocal talent is the only one way to get to The Voice Kids , receive a unique chance to pass through a sieve of musical duels with competitors and make millions of TV spectators to fall in love with you.

The Voice Kids show consists of three phases. The first phase for the competitors having passed the pre-selection is the ‘Blind’ audition. Competitors perform one-by-one with the live accompaniment. The mentors cannot see the competitors, but they hear and evaluate their voices. Any mentor can take a performer in his/her team. If several mentors have selected one and the same competitor, he/she can decide whose team to join. By the end of the phase, the three teams will have 15 competitors each.

Six best project competitors — two from every team — will compete in the final. Every competitor sings one song solo, another one — together with his/her team mate and the mentor. TV audience votes “live” for the competitors and selects the best vocalist from each two. The remained competitors perform another song each, and TV audience selects the project winner by SMS-voting.