Red Square


Total Blackout


Fear is one of natural human emotions. It is a primal instinct whose strength absorbs us all once it manifests with the full power…

In this regard our lives are histories of our fears. We feel different kinds of fear. A fear that you will be forgotten in the kindergarten, a fear of dating an attractive classmate, a fear of being robbed, or a fear that a plane can fall... But all of that becomes pale comparing to the fears to be experienced by participants of the Total Blackout show.

Every week there will be 8 participants competing in the show, two competing halves of the mankind - men and women. Their fight will determine who is stronger.

There is a totally black room in an abandoned chemical plant. No light ever falls in the room; so the creatures living there got used to see in darkness. This is the room where our participants will be offered to go through a number of tests. And thanks to infrared cameras no single grimace of terror will escape our sight.

The participants who do not see anything are going to fulfil some simple tasks that look quite simple, but in darkness they become incredibly difficult and really scary.

The participants do not see anything, but the viewers can see everything. No single expression of face escapes the camera, no single heart-rending scream escapes the microphones.

After each contest the most chicken-hearted participant drops out.

The host Igor Zhizhikin together with the viewers will laugh at people’s fears.