Red Square


What Would You Do?


What Would You Do? project is a social experiment, a little bit of a “reality provocation”. The action unfolds in public places.

The filming is made with hidden cameras. Right in front of the eyes of accidental pedestrians (cafes/shops/parks/railway terminals visitors etc.) the pre-trained actors play out a provocative or unfair situation which would hardly leave a person indifferent. The programme aims to check whether we stay cold to somebody else’s trouble. Are we able to express our opinion and stand up for those who are bullied?

If you find yourself in a sort of a strange situation when people around begin to behave weirdly… If seeing this, your sense of discomfort is growing, the pressure is increasing and the pulse is becoming more rapid… and you want to do something, to change something and somehow to correct the situation, but you are scared… Have a closer look around!

Does it seem to you that cleverly disguised video cameras are directed at you? And isn’t there a van stuffed with video equipment beside you? Look closely at the van, isn’t there a strong figure of Mikhail Porechenkov beside? If everything falls into place, do not be afraid: you found yourself at the shooting stage of What Would You Do? with Mikhail Porechenkov. Soon he will get out of the van, tap you on your shoulder and, unless you need doctor’s or psychoanalyst’s help, will tell you what can be done in this situation.