Red Square




It is a famous extreme TV-show that was shot in sunny Argentina. On the whole, there were 3 seasons, each of which was very well-received by the audience.

The contestants were chosen by two stages, last of which involved running an obstacle course at the Russian Emergency Ministry. Those who passed it were extremely happy. However, they were glad for nothing. During the game shooting many of the participants envied those who had failed earlier…

The game show needs contestants to be in good form and self-confident. In each episode there plays one team consisting of 10 people (5 men and 5 women). However they are not close at all. Everyone plays for himself/herself. Although those who invented the game rules should be praised for the fact that no one can influence the rival’s fate and “get rid of him or her”. Thus the amount of Argentinian mud got by players, quantity of boxing knockdowns received and headlong falls from a tower depend only on them.

Each contest results in losing two fighters from the set. The fourth last contest defines the winning pair, which takes part in the Super final that crowns the whole project.