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The film “Courage“ is set in the 1970s in the Soviet Union. In the center of the story lies the beginning of the career of a young and talented singer Galla, her first steps on stage and performances, her first success. Young budding film director Alex thinks up incredible stunts for promotion of a singer and Galla artistically embodies them on the stage and in life.

The film “Courage“ is autobiographical in many respects, in 1970 a film director Aleksandr Stefanovich was working at Mosfilm, filming musical films, and directing a first domestic screen musical. Like no other he is familiar with the world of pop music of that time.

Looking at the events of those years from the height of the time, the director, with his style and sense of humor shows vivid images of artists, composers, filmmakers, poets and many other talented people of that epoch, whose fates intertwined with the life of the author in a remarkable manner. The film director is talking, in a touching and open manner, about his youth, when he had everything, i.e. love, creativity, winning and losing, personal dramas, tragic events and betrayal.

The image of the protagonist Galla on the “Courage“ is generalized!

Aleksandr says: “The film is done based on my novel “Courage”, which is my subjective story about the time that I was in love with an outstanding woman. This is a novel about a meeting of brightest talent, outstanding and ambitious people.

The film has some biographical moments, but still it is an independent work of art, the image of the protagonist Galla in the film is generalized. Also, there are characters that you cannot find in the book, and in my life either.“

“Courage“ will show viewers the backstage of our national show business, stage, film and theater. The relationship of artists, the clash of ambitions, the nuances of their relationships with loved ones can not be seen before the blinding footlights.

“This film is about the 70s years, which were, in my opinion, the highest point of the prosperity of our culture in Soviet times. At that moment, Sergei Bondarchuk, Georgy Danelia, Andrei Tarkovsky, Savva Kulish were working at Mosfilm. At the Bolshoi Theatre, there were performances staged by Yuri Grigorovich, in the Taganka Theater there were performances staged by Yury Lyubimov.“

“Courage, enthusiasm, hooliganism and courage are all traits of my character, that’s what motivates Galla, the main character of the film. This is typical of many people of that era, e.g. Vysotsky did everything with courage, Lyubimov, Gaidai, Grigorovich. Speaking of the era, I broke many stereotypes. It was fun and profitable time. Promotion of my own wife was an example of my hooliganism.“