Red Square




The “Garages” series by “Red Square” in cooperation with Channel 1. The series were shot as a TV almanac which is quite unususal for Russian television. TV almanac is a series in which every episode has a separate independent plot.

“Garages” comprises 14 episodes, having in common only the fact that they are being told by the narrator — the sharp-sighted watchman of the garage cooperative.

Pavel Eropkin works as a watchman at the garage cooperative, but he knows anything and everything whether that be the car engine or the history of art.

A philosopher and a humorist, he likes to tell his guests about things that happened to him, his friends or people he knows. Sometimes he bends the truth a little, sometimes mixes things up, but it only makes his stories more interesting. He watches his characters — the common people we face every day with a smile on his face.

The characters find themselves in funny, touching and sometimes sad situations. But just like our lives, theirs are filled with most incredible coincidences, surprising twists and unexpected outcomes. And even the saddest story always has a happy ending.