Red Square


Good Hands


Olga Savelyeva is the chief doctor of the hospital, which is considered one of the best in town. She is actively involved in the prevention of child abandonment and oversees she created the Center “Happy Mom“. The Center for accumulating information from clinics to disadvantaged pregnant women, with the intention to abandon the child. Some preventive conversations are conducted with these women, and then they are sent to the hospital to give birth to Saveleva. Olga divorced with her husband, the prosecutor’s office investigator Gennady Mukhin, son Nikita grew up and went to Oxford. Before going abroad, the young man arranges a farewell party with his friends in the country dacha. Olga soon learns that Nikita was killed. Mukhin, when investigating the murder of his son, discovers that it is connected with Olga’s activities...

Directed by: Yury Kuzmenko
Written by: Alla Krinitsyna
Cast: Elena Ksenofontova (Olga Savelyeva), Nikita Salopin (Gennady Mukhin), Kirill Safonov (Ruzhnikov), Olga Shuvalova (Alka Bojko), Aleksandr Lupashko (Luba Timokhina), Ksenia Khairova (Natalya Denisova), Alexei Kolgan (Viktor Denisov), Nikolats Chindyaykin (Interviews)
Operator: Dmitry Savinov
Composer: Konstantin Shevelev