Red Square




Serial feature film based on the short novels and stories by Russian literature classic Aleksandr Kuprin. There are three parts in the film — “The Pit“, “In the dark“ and “The Duel“.

The main idea of the film is to twist the fates of the characters from different short novels and stories by Aleksandr Kuprin. Thus, in “The Pit“, we can see the lover Georgy Stepanovich Zheltkov, Vera Nikolayevna Sheina, and other heroes of the “Garnet Bracelet“. Zenida, a tiger tamer from story of “Lucia“, falls in love with the hero of the story “In the dark“ Alarina. Aleksandr Kuprin is actively engaged in the story itself (Mikhail Porechenkov), who not only plays the role of narrator, but also personally meets the heroes.

According to the film producer Denis Evstigneev, the history presented in the film is independent of the time, because it is about the relationship of people, passion, incidence and pain. “When we started, it turned out that this isa little work, a literary essay, so one of the main tasks was to build this story so that it became a cinematographic work. It was very important not to depart from Kuprin.“

Evstigneev separately said that it was very important to weave the picture work “Garnet Bracelet“ so that the viewer had a special sinking feeling. Aleksandr Kuprin himself called “Garnet Bracelet“ the most chaste thing that he ever wrote. The heroes of this story, their feelings and actions are, at first glance, the complete opposite of everyone and everything that happens in “The Pit“.