Red Square




He rang the doorbell. “I am the Mosgaz inspector. Could you please open the door?” The twelve year old boy let the “inspector” in.

A coldblooded murder was hiding under the mask of the “inspector”…

A week passed since the boy was found dead. The investigation was getting nowhere. In a few days two more people were murdered. An old lady and her daughter. It was clear that was the same murderer.

The Moscow Criminal Intelligence Department colonel Ivan Cherkasov has never faced anything like this before. The Department has no experience in solving such cases. In the sixties nobody even heard about serial killers.

They had to relearn everything: facial composite, cooperation with psychologies.

The whole city of Moscow was buzzing with gossip about vicious Mosgaz murderer, the mass media however remained silent. In December 1962 the harmless and familiar abbreviation Mosgaz has suddenly became sinister. At first people start talking, that there is a gang disguised as Mosgaz employees killing people, robbing them and raping women.

The case was now under personal control of Minister of public safety. Chairman of Council of Ministers Aleksey Kosygin was getting daily reports about the case.

Nikita Khrushchev has given Cherkasov an overwhelming task to find the murderer in two weeks. If colonel fails, he will lose the job.