Red Square


Prison Break


Red Square in collaboration with Channel One presents the Russian version of the cult American series Prison Break.

The original series was released in USA in 2005 and was on for four seasons, having gathered a multimillion army of admirers throughout the world. Right after its release it was nominated to the Golden Globe in several nominations at once. The Russian version is the first attempt to adapt the Prison Break for viewers in our country. The series is fully converted to local realities. Viewers can expect captivating adventures and sudden turns in the plot.

Kirill Panin was accused of murdering the Russian Minister of Finances and is put into jail. The real organizers of the killing who are at the top echelons of power are seeking to eliminate Kirill and through the Duma get a resolution cancelling the moratorium on the death penalty. And now the only person who can save Kirill is his brother Alexey, a young law-abiding engineer who works in a large construction company. To save the brother, Alexey studies the plans of the jail where Kirill is kept and tattoos them on his body. But he has to get inside the jail. For that he stages a robbery. Alexey’s plan works, and he is put together with Kirill. Will the brothers succeed in getting out of prison?