Red Square




The premiere of serial movie is the story of four friends biathletes who dream to take part in the Sochi Olympics. What are they willing to sacrifice for the chance of their lives? And who will be able to achieve their goals?

Their life is the endless exhausting workouts. 800 days left before the Sochi Olympics, but they only dream about her. The fate of the biathletes from the provinces will change overnight. They pulled out a lucky lottery ticket, one for all.

Head coach of the country agrees to take only one competitor, only budding Pasha Krutov is not used to sacrifice friends. He decided since childhood, that one is for all and all for one.

If the country needs Krutov, the head coach will bet everything. The team will take all four. In their only chance to become the champions, they will sink their teeth. Each race is the last one. Opponents always breathe in the back, and no one seems to believe in the victory.