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Survivor! (6 seasons)


It is the grand and one of the most famous television formats in the world. On the whole there were 6 seasons of this show on Russian TV shot in different parts of the world: Panama, Malaysia, and the Dominican Republic.The participants of the show underwent various challenges in extreme conditions: they were put ashore on an inhabitant island and had to adapt themselves to the life of a savage. Episode after episode the audience witnessed how the participants divided into two rival tribes got over hardship and troubles for the lack of basic things they are used to in the context of civilization. Severe weather events and absence of any shelter and normal food were supplemented with weekly challenges which resulted in expulsion from the game of one of the lost tribe members chosen by voting.

Finally the tribes were united into one and each participant played for himself or herself: as only one of them could win and get the main prize! At that the winner was decided by voting of the lost participants.The first season was aired in 2001 and had an incredible success with the audience.