Red Square


Tango With An Angel


The action of a 24-part series takes place in a provincial but a large Russian city of Ilyinsk. The story begins with a tragedy that happens in a shopping centre where a passenger lift falls. Five people were killed in the accident: a six-year old boy Vanya, an older famous architect Vladimir, a journalist Sergei, a biologist and veterinary doctor Nikolay and a young attractive chap Kostya.

The grief brings together six women unknown to each other - wives and fiancées of the perished men and the mother of the killed boy. The women refuse to believe that the accident was a mishap. Helping each other to overcome the loss, the heroines who have completely different dispositions and life experience get together in order to conduct their own investigation. They are to learn such details of personal lives of their close ones they never expected.

This series is about understanding. It’s about the fact that if relatives and close people turn out to be strangers, it happens very often because of us. It’s also about friendship and mutual assistance of different people who would seem not to look alike. It’s about the fact that one should never give up and that life continues even when it seems to be over.