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The Mall


A TV novel Centovetrine (The Mall) is considered one of the most successful and popular in Italy. The idea of the TV series belongs to Italian scriptwriters Andrea Galeazzi, Manuela Chevallard and Alessandro Olocco. The first episode went on the air in 2001 on Canale 5, and Italy went crazy about it! And there is evidence of that – they are currently shooting the 14th season. The series goes on the air on a daily basis without breaks; by now the viewers have already seen almost 3000 series.

The main feature of the project is that the series does not have any invented stories. All characters are real people with real destinies. This series tells a breathtaking story of several families of a different status and financial position. But all of them have one thing in common - a job in the largest shopping mall of the city.

We regularly visit such shopping centres - previously they were called self-service stores, department stores - and even do not suspect what passions are boiling there day after day. Now Channel One viewers have an opportunity to get inside a large shopping mall and to learn what the inhabitants of these walls are pushed onto by love, power and money, and what kind of secrets are concealed behind the plates ‘Service Room’ or ‘Staff Only’.

Wonderful actors play in the series. Viewers will be happy to see many of them, and will be pleasantly amazed with some.

The head of The Mall is the favourite of Russian female TV viewers, the lady-killer Sergei Zhigunov. It is him who plays the leading role of the shopping mall CEO. The protagonists are the temptress of masculine hearts Valeria Lanskaya known to Russian viewers thanks to many TV series and shows, and Evgeniy Pronin who plays a young handsome surgeon. Along with them, engaged in the shootings are also other actors not less liked by Russian viewers: Ksenia Lavrova-Glinka, Yuri Baturin, Andrei Kazakov. And also the youngest actress - Luiza Gabriela Brovina - a star of the series Closed School. For shooting the Russian version of the series, a large-scale decoration of a two-storeyed Mall has been built with stores, a supermarket, pharmacy and cafes against whose background the true-to-life passions are boiling. The shooting on location takes place in Yaroslavl; it is there where the Mall is located according to the script.

Before reaching Russia, The Mall series had time and was able to conquer not only the hearts of Italians, but also of Polish viewers. And at present there are negotiations underway on adaptation in three more countries - Mexico, Turkey and China.

The series title varies depending on the producer country. In Italy its A Thousand of Shopwindows where the creators wanted to captivate the viewers with a belief that it is possible to buy everything in life just like in a shopping centre, but only love here is not for sale for any money. In Poland (Galeria on TVP1) the producers have added some peculiarities of the national mentality. In the Russian version the series is called The Mall and focus on the depth and complexity of human relations. An innovative technique in the genre of a TV novel – the characters’ self-analysis – is used for these purposes. But the main hero is always Love!

A pleasant surprise is also waiting for the viewers every week – everybody’s favourite movie and showbiz stars appear in the shopping mall with their personal stories - Alexander Oleshko, Natasha Korolyova, Alexander Zhulin and Natalya Mikhailova, Svetlana Zeinalova, Gennadiy Malakhov, Alexander Malinin, Darya Dontsova and many others.

The title song of the series I’ll Bring You Back written by a gifted composer Alexander Lunyov is performed by Grigoriy Leps.