Red Square


The School


A unique project by a young Russian director Valeriya Gai Germanika. This is a TV series about real problems of contemporary school students.

Form 9-A was an exemplary class until their supervising teacher Anatoliy Germanovich Nosov, an experienced teacher who in 2009 received a title of the Teacher of the Year, leaves the school due to his sudden illness. Everything changes dramatically. The myth of the exemplary class collapses and the discipline falls apart. Nosov’s granddaughter Anya Nosova turns out to be the most difficult teenager in the school, and a new student Ilya Epifanov provokes situations where students reveal unexpected aspects of their personalities and turn familiar perception the classmates and teachers have about them upside down. None of the teachers want to take up the class that became the most difficult…

The auteur project of a young Russian director Valeriya Gai Germanika shot in the TV aesthetics of a documentary reveals the whole complexity of relations of modern school students with their parents and teachers.

Thanks to its acuteness and personal touch the series top rated on Russian TV and caused a huge response in the society.

An unusual shooting style the director uses in her work creates an effect of presence, a sense of participation in the events that happen on the screen.