Red Square


Turning Points


How often we regret about the made decisions and think: "I wish I had one more try". Indeed, sometimes the one and only solution determines the entire person’s life. Everyone at least once longed to go through a "level" once again, taking into account the past experience and knowing exactly what will happen and when.

"Turning Points" — is a brand new format for Russian television. The project comprises a synthesis of an action and a psychological program. Heroes from different social groups and ages try to find a solution to the problem, "living" a few options for the development of their own fate, each time returning to the beginning of one and the same moment, the key to the given situation.

Each release of the project — is a feature film with its own story. Each series is the story of the fateful choice. The hero will get three attempts to find the right solution. In this he is assisted by two Guardians — Alexander Gordon and Ksenia Lavrova-Glinka, they enjoy their freedom and, at the same time, a little bit jealous of the participants of the show. In their parallel universe there is no time and physical feelings, but only the spirit and the mind. They watch people reading their thoughts and discussing them. Keepers are in a parallel reality; their appearance means that the character is at the critical point, when you need to make the decision that will change the rest of life.