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Vera’s Attempt


A four-episode film “Vera’s attempt“ is primarily a story about relationship within the family. The story of the mistakes that we all make sometimes, of how much efforts is sometimes necessary to understand and forgive a loved one.

Vera and Sergei Nikolaev are doctors. They treat people who can not have children. Every day Vera and Sergei are visited by happy patients whom they helped to become parents.

The Nikolaevy have been married for ten years, but they do not have children. It is especially hard for Vera, who is eager to become a mother. But one day, on their wedding anniversary, Vera finds out that Sergei will have a child from another woman. How to accept the betrayal of your loved one? Does any of the fault for what happened rest with Vera herself? On her way to happiness, Vera will have to honestly answer these and many other questions by herself.