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Yasmin — a large-scale project by Denis Evstigneev (“Escape”, “Mosgaz”, “Divorce”, “Short course in happy life” and other) and Sergey Titinkov, screenplay by Anna Kozlova (screenplay for “Short course in happy life” directed by Valeria Guy Ghermanika and “Divorce” directed by Vera Storozhevaya), directed by Ksenia Zarutskaya and Vyacheslav Kaminskiy (“Glukhar”), art director Sergey Ivanov (“Anna Korenina”, “Tzar”).

Three Russian women of different age, background and social status arrive in Istanbul. Lena (Katerina Krupenina) builds a carrier in hospitality, Masha (Natalia Dvoretskaya) is running away from troubled relationships with her sister’s husband, Ksyusha (Radchenko Ekaterina) comes to a man she has fallen in love with during vacation. All heroines inevitably blend into the life of the enormous Istanbul district, the prototype to which may be Sultanakhmet. By simply living their lives: selling sheepskin coats and gold, being arrested, falling and love and splitting up they are unaware of being drawn into plots worth 1001 nights.

Recognizable realistic characters get into an Arabic fairytale finding secrets, dangers and wild huge love.

A mystic plotline rooting in the past crosses they relations. It all starts when the prostitute named Yasmin is found dead with a slit throat at the basement of the hotel where Lena works. Soon it becomes clear that this was not a random killing — 30 years ago a hotel hostess also named Yasmin was found dead under the same circumstances. The murderer was not found and recreating the circumstances of the murder the characters realize that a lot of people involved in the case are still alive and well, holding high positions...

Each of the women have left their friends, relatives and parents in Russia, changing their lives as well. The women keep in touch with their homes, but their lives are rushing forward wildly and one day, all of them will have to answer the question: Who am I? Am I happy here far from home and where is my home now? They overcome their hardships, each of them changing, getting older. Some of them will find their love in Istanbul, some of them will have to come back to Russia.

The series shares a variety of genres: drama, Arabic fairy tale and detective story with mystery elements.