Red Square


Alone with All


‘Be honest with me’ is what you can ask only a close person for. Being sincere, honest, open are wonderful features for an ordinary human, but are these features always possessed by our stars? Are they sincere with us at all? Only in the studio of “Alone with All” the audience will know the life stories of music, cinema and theatre stars. Conversation will take place in an intimate, warm and positive environment. It will be a sincere dialog about eternal values, about what is really important in every human’s life.

Actress and TV hostess Yulia Menshova puts sharp questions and gets sincere replies. The program in the genre of “portrait interview” implies a talk about private life, creation, important events, close people and plans for future. Many rumors and gossip will be deflated at last; the spectator will be able to see tears and laugh of their idols, real sincere feelings on the air in “Alone with All”.