Red Square


Citizen Gordon


“Citizen Gordon” is a unique debate TV program where famous and respected people discuss current problems.

Its participants are divided into two contending camps. There are experts with similar but not identical takes on discussed issue in each camp. Everyone can join in discussion and share his or her opinion anytime. The host who casts himself as a representative of the civil society does not join any of the groups. He acts as a reasoned who doubts in both points of view and tries to get to the bottom of the problem.

This is what the host Alexander Gordon says about his show: “I don’t like politics, I hate it, it makes me want to puke to be honest. However, I am here to speak about politics. I’ll explain why. Recently such a case happened at my home. My two very close friends had a row with each other first and then they almost fought due to things that have happened and keep on happening in our country. That made me realize that the situation is troubled not in a certain and abstract Russia but at my own home. Therefore, I wanted to know why it is so. Willing it or not but I got into politics and study it now.