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Fashion Verdict


Fashion Verdict is a talk show unfolding before the viewers as a real court sitting. There is a plaintiff, a defendant, a prosecutor and a barrister, as well as witnesses of the parties and, of course, a judge. However, these are not people who are under the trial here but the way they dress.

The plaintiffs are people who apply for Fashion Court because they are willing to help their close ones to change, to see themselves differently, to transform and to get rid of the stereotypes in their style.

Fashion Verdict is a talk show where the transformation of the lead characters takes place — they get new clothes, haircut and make-up.

Participants of the programme transform twice, first in accordance with their conceptions of an ideal image, then with the professional stylists' assistance. The participants walk on the catwalk in new apparels, and the viewers in the studio decide who wins, an amateur stylist or the Fashion Court's professionals. In any case, those who venture to go to the catwalk gain — as a gift from the programme they receive the clothes the viewers vote for.

The hosts also make the programme attractive. The judge is a fashion historian Alexander Vasiliev. The prosecution is Evelina Khromtchenko, a style icon, a person who knows about fashion everything and a bit more. The defence is Nadezhda Babkina, a singer whose everlasting charm and word of support are a great help for the Fashion Verdict's participants.

Appearance of celebrities and theatre and movie stars is another adornment of this talk show.