Red Square


For The Sake Of Great Victory


This is a talk show dedicated to the Great Patriotic War; the participants of the show will be people of completely different age and opinions: veterans, representatives of creative intelligentsia and young people. The topics for discussions will be taken from films about the GPW.

This is a special project arranged to coincide with the 65-th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War. There will be a retrospective show of war films both little-known and well-known.

The program is based on discussions of events shown in the film watched by the audience. The guests of the program are veterans who share their recollections and answer questions from the audience that mostly consists of young people.

Viewers get an opportunity to compare literary and on-screen perspectives concerning events of the GPW with description of reality of those times.

Famous actors, directors and popular singers take part in the discussion. They also estimate certain events of the GPW, share their recollections of their army time and reckon about moral ideals of the modern youth too.

The hit songs of wartime were performed on the program by: group “Quatro”, Zhanna Bichevskaya, Mark Tishman, “Fabrika”, Renat Ibragimov and others.