Red Square


Gordon Quixote


The program is made in a genre “I’m declaring war”. “Gordon Quixote” has a remarkable presenter — the main intellectual on Russian television Alexander Gordon.

One main hero is in the center of the program: a new-fashioned writer, an artist, a scientist or a socialite. This person’s works and actions are carefully, gracefully and ruthlessly cut into pieces and thoroughly examined by the host. Of course the host gets reaction attacks in his turn. There begins a rough battle in the studio. The host has his own supporters, the hero — his/her own too. Volunteers to take part in the battle go to the center of the studio. All of it takes place right in front of the audience. It is a verbal fight in the course of which events of our life (literature, culture and social life) are examined. “Search for sense” happens in extreme situation and mode. Thus brilliant interlocutors, interesting discussion and heated disputes on the program “Gordon Quixote” are guaranteed to the audience.