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I’m Filing For Divorce


After 14-year break Oxana Pushkina is back again on the Channel One. She is going to host new talk show about family values.

The program makers have decided to bring up and discuss in the studio in talk-show format a complicated theme: divorces. According to statistics, there are 8 divorces out of 10 marriages and only 4% decide to keep their marriage after filing for divorce.

Divorce or fight for family? Many married couples face this question.

The talk show “I’m Filing For Divorce” is for those whose family relationships have come to deadlock, illusions have been crashed, who still have tiny hope to keep their family, but already do not have an opportunity to establish a dialogue. The characters of the program are common people with their complex questions. What should you do if your husband drinks alcohol? He will not change for your sake or for the sake of children. You can be patient or just leave. Should you endure your husband’s tyranny and jealousy or file for divorce? If every day starts with a prayer and the only request that your husband gives up drugs. Should you keep on living with such a man? What should you do if your lover is a tyrant and hits you regularly? Is it worth fighting when there is no understanding, love and support in your family? What should you do if parents interfere in their grown-up children’s private life?

Oxana Pushkina says that she has something to share with the audience: “There have been tragedies in my life. I took my parents’ divorce, my own divorce and divorce of my current husband really hard and I regret to call myself an expert in this sphere”.

Oxana Pushkina will talk to common people about complicated relationship in their family, with those who are at the brink of separation but find it important to unlock their hearts.