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In Humans’ World


“I have dedicated all my life to study of animals’ life, their habits, behavior, instincts and relationships. This year I have celebrated my 70th anniversary so I want to examine another world — world of humans. To look at it with the benefit of hindsight and share my impressions with the audience” — N.N. Drozdov.

In each episode viewers got an opportunity to see five different TV-novellas, five stories devoted to tragic events and turning points in people’s lives. The heroes of these stories are different people both famous in our country and common Russian people. They live in cities and villages, they work and take rest, love and have children, fight, betray, hate, but forgive… ”In Humans’ world” is an honest dialogue of the host with his viewers, his personal opinion on stories taken place in world of humans. Nicolay Drozdov does not watch stories beforehand and it puts him on the same level with his TV-audience.

The project “In Humans’ World” is completely documentary. Stories shot for it are overall truthful, sometimes surprising and sometimes tragic — they don’t leave anyone untouched. Stories of the project are shot not to shock viewers. It is an attempt to understand what the world of humans is in fact. It is an honest talk to yourself. Shooting teams describe occurred events or those that happen right in front of the journalists’ eyes, take part in them and give the audience an opportunity to live through all of the events together. Each story is worth to be watched.