Red Square


In Our Generation


“Let them understand, remember and be able to love!” — This is a motto of the project, which tells us about dead and gone but not forgotten glorious time in our shared history and not only that.

For someone these years are the best, for others youth and childhood. Most of us lived in already non-existent country called Soviet Union. Creators of the program “In Our Generation” together with presenters Angelina Vovk, Tatyana Vedeneeva and Yuriy Nikolayev invite everyone to remember construction of the Baikal-Amur Mainline, Edward Hil’s songs, soviet figure-skaters’ glories, the program “Fairy Tale Hour” with its legendary hostess “aunt Valya”, “Eralash” reels, the reigning beauties of theater, cinema and etc., everything that was the essence of our lives then.

Participants and witnesses of those events and also representatives of a young generation will come to the studio, everyone with their own point of view concerning “that” time and “nowadays”.

“There will not be a problem of “fathers and sons” if we respect each other, — one of the presenters of the program Yuriy Nikolayev says. — This program is to let us know each other better, bond us and destroy misunderstanding that separates generations”.

Angelina Vovk: “In our program we remember heroes of the past — people who actually did something for the country. For instance, we shot program about builders of the Baikal-Amur Mainline. It was heroic time indeed. People lead a tough life but kept on building that road. The BAM was true national building work. To my mind, it is necessary to refer to such remarkable people of any time — not only of Soviet times, but of present as well. Though they say nowadays there are a few heroes”.

Tatyana Videneeva: Those who don’t remember their past don’t have the future. There were many great things in Soviet Union. Certainly, something was worse than nowadays but still there was something better. You mustn’t forget about it and it goes without saying that there were personalities that mustn’t be forgotten. One of the aims of our program is to remember those people. Many of them are still alive.

Yes, our life has changed. Another generation has grown up. However, there are many things in our country of which we can be proud. And to make a program about those events and most importantly people is a right thing to do”.