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Let’s Get Married!


The participants of the programme, men and women who are interesting, successful and, first of all, free people, choose themselves a partner to build a relationship.

Watching what happens in the studio, the viewers are able to understand how to avoid mistakes in the future, to look at themselves from outside and to use the hosts’ advice.

The programme started in 2008 and immediately became popular and favourite. The rules go as follows: a man (or a woman) chooses a partner among three attractive contenders based on results of the competitions, tests and his/her personal preferences. The contenders saw the photo of the hero on Channel One’s web-site and chose this particular person among hundreds of others. They are ready to fight for him (or her), to demonstrate their talents and to surprise the chosen one: to amaze them with dances, singing, culinary masterpieces, linguistics knowledge and other means. The show is seasoned with the host’s (Larisa Guzeyeva) comments, discussions and advice on the part of relatives and friends of the participants, as well as on the part of experts — an astrologist Vasilisa Volodina and a professional matchmaker Roza Syabitova.

The heroes of the programme meet three marriageable girls or eligible bachelors by turns. At the end of the programme they make a choice: who do they want to continue the relationship with, to whom of them one day they might say “Let’s Get Married”.