Red Square


Lunch time!


This is not just a programme about food or yet another culinary show. In this new project, Red Square together with Channel One give all housewives of our immense country a chance to challenge haute cuisine gurus — professional chefs.

The programme’s guests invited by the hosts Natasha Korolyova and her mother Lyudmila Poryvai compete in the studio to determine the level of grasp of the culinary art with the purpose of finding out a better cuisine: traditionally home-made or professional catering.

Again, the viewers watch a vivid face-to-face communication between the show’s participants rather than a culinary duel; it is because there is always an interesting life story behind every dish, behind every stroke in its decoration and preparation. Besides, the guests always have an opportunity to share their recipes and helpful hints which can be of use both in the kitchen and in everyday life, with millions of viewers.

In each episode a housewife and a chef cook three different dishes each; and every dish goes through a rigorous and unbiased inspection of judges. It is their strict verdict that summarizes the programme.