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Malakhov +


This program is about health, healthy life-style, untraditional treatment and folk medicine. The program is for those who thinks of their health and strives for better life. The author of original health care methods Gennadiy Malakhov is the main character, host and ideologist of the program.

His many years of experience are described in books that have become true guidebooks of folk medicine for lots of Russians.

When the program was aired for the first time in April, 2006 its title was “Malakhov + Malakhov”. The hosts were Gennadiy and Andrey Malakhov. Later Gennadiy Petrovich’s co-host was Elena Proklova and so the program got not only charming hostess loved by millions of viewers but also new title “Malakhov+”.

In each episode of the program the presenters and their guests discuss folk receipts healing diseases and ailments, prepare infusions, ointments, herbal repertories, which are tested right away by Gennadiy Malakhov himself. For the years of its existence, the show has collected unique collection of receipts and cure methods which miraculous qualities have been verified by several generations.

One of the main commandments of the program is “No harm!”. That is why professional practitioners warn viewers not to apply doubtful receipts; they give their opinions on unknown and unexamined self-cure methods. In each episode viewers get recommendations from Gennadiy Malakhov concerning the next day according to the lunar calendar, what you should do to cure yourself and your relatives, what you should keep away from and how to avoid unfortunate situations.