Red Square




A weekly social and political “live” talk-show with Peter Tolstoy on the burning and most interesting topic of the week in the format of a “conflict play” in three parts related to politics. Talks about Russian politics become relevant again. Every Thursday evening on the First Channel, representatives of the government, their opponents, deputies and invited experts discuss the most important: how the country will live on. Political emotions and critical controversies in the today society force us to come back to politics, as an art of possible and impossible. The time when it was common not to be interested in politics has passed. There are events that need to be discussed in order to understand how to live on.

Invited guests — politics, experts, representative of intellectual elite — represent two opposite points of view. The purpose of the studio dispute is to find out all the details of the problem, hear the opinions from both sides and propose the fullest and the most up-to-day information to the audience directly from the event participants. Comments of events from political experts, writers, artists and bloggers give the possibility to compare your vision of situation with the opinions of others. Political position and reflection on the topic under discussion — everything merges as the result of the final part of the program.