Red Square


Private Viewing


These are bold premieres and emotional discussions of fictional films. Famous actors, directors and producers present their movies for the audience judgment. Movie critics, scientists, politicians and common spectators are divided into two irreconcilable sides, defending their opinion about a movie.

Each film show turns into a fascinating discussion. It is reasoned, open and emotional. After viewing it is possible to compare your own impression with the impressions of famous directors, film experts and journalists, you can either agree with them or not, or you can just watch a good movie and think whether you understood all that its creator had wanted to say.

“Private Viewing” is a unique opportunity to watch and discuss the most ambitious, complex and shocking movies of the season. Alexander Gordon, famous TV-journalist and director is the program host, and it means that prominent interlocutors, interesting discussion and hard disputes are guaranteed to the audience. This is a program for film fans, for those who know and understand the cinema.