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They and Us


Men and women are creatures from different planets. This axiom was proved long ago and confirmed every day by millions of people in different parts of the world. But the main gender problems are open: what women want, what men are talking about and, above all, how to understand one another? On the First Channel there is a premiere talk-show “They and Us” — a project which will try to reduce the abyss of mutual misunderstanding between men and women.

Why the same words said by a man and a woman are often understood by the opposite sex quite in different ways? Is it true that men are logical and women are emotional? Are there mechanisms allowing a man and a woman to understand each other, or it is just a myth? These and other questions will become the subject of discussion in the studio of “They and Us” talk-show.

The discussion is led by the hosts — Ekaterina Strizhenova and Alexander Gordon. Studio guests are women and men of a different age, position, different professions and interests. Every one of them, both hosts and studio guests, has his/her own vision of the situation, and they are ready to defend it.