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Saturday night is perfect time to take one’s mind off troubles and relax for a bit. All over the world there are Saturday talk-shows broadcasted at Saturday night. In Russia Andrey Malakhov has mastered the talk-show genre best of all. Meet new program “Tonight” with Andrey Malakhov!

“Tonight” discussions are not as serious as in Andrey Malakhov’s another project “Let Them Speak”. After all one doesn’t want to ponder over serious things and global problems at the weekend night. Only famous guests come to the program: actors, singers and musicians.

“Tonight” shows unknown scenes, photos that help to know celebrities from new perspectives.

The targeted audience is quite large consisting of people of different ages and opinions. The fact is that people in the center of the story are those who attract interest thanks to their popularity and occupation. How can one miss an opportunity to get new information about idols and other representatives of modern television, so glamorous and fascinating?